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    Conference Reception  
        Welcome to the NanYang Hotel

    NanYang Hotel(formerly called Baihe River Hotel)is the first4-star level hotel open to foreigners,which was founded in 1960.It is located in No.1420,in the middle section of Binhe Road,with elegantenvironment and convenient transport.In its north is the bustling commercial center and in its south is the scenic Baihe Tourist Area,an ideal destination for domestic and foreign guests,which has had the honor of receiving for many times Party and State leaders and celebrities of all circles of society.

    Nanyang Hotel possess 300(suites)guest rooms with advanced facilities and luxurious decoration, and more than 50 dining rooms with various Chinese and Western styles,which can accommodate more than 1500 guests;there are 8 luxury conference rooms of big,medium and small sizes,the conference center can accommodate 800 persons,with advanced facilities for simultaneous interpretation, electronic voting machines,health center,KTV center,bowling room,shopping arcade,bar and business center,taxi fleet can provide you with excellent service at any time.The hospitable,well-trained staff,plus the modern facilities and equipment will make your life more comfortable and convenient.

    Customers'satisfaction is our aim of pursuit!

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    Copyrightnan yang hotel . All rights reserved Address: No.1420, Middle of Binhe Road, Nanyang City, Henan Province.
    Telephone: 0377-63323666 Fax: 0377-63167234 Postcode: 473003
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